It’s Persuasion, Dude

Some managers I know are trapped in old communication approaches: tactical, complicated, top-down, one-way and one-time. “I speak, you listen.” Focused on informing people, not communicating with them.  These approaches come with risks:

  • Ineffective communication may empty your coffers
  • The consequences of poor communication can ripple
  • As the complexity of the 21st century workplace increases, misunderstandings jump
  • Our brains are not wired for complexity

So, here’s what I recommend:They forget … their communication has one purpose: to get results.

  • Ask more than you tell; listen more than you speak.
  • Use two-way communication with everybody, including customers
  • Break down communication barriers
  • Use a wider range of communication approaches
  • Tap informal, innovative communication channels
  • Minimize complexity, build simplicity

Try this little trick: ask your stakeholders how they want you to communicate with them. They might even tell you. And everybody wins.